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Various trends in the K-pop industry change rapidly. Day after day, new groups make their debut and numerous albums and merchandise are released.

Due to these ever-changing industrial characteristics, it is extremely difficult to predict the flexible demand of customers as a retailer. However, having lots of merchandise in stock due to the fear of being out of stock causes a critical problem for the retail business.

Imagine overstocking old albums released years ago in your store. The space for newly released albums will decrease due to limited space, and unsold albums will continue to be a deficit in your store’s sales.
KpopAgent relieves the stress of the retail partners’ worries about stock management. The MOQ is 2 ea per album (*10 ea per order), so you don’t have to buy a large number of albums that you and your customers might not need. In addition, even if you purchase the minimum order quantity, we always offer you the best price regardless.

You also don’t have to order extra albums due to slow and late delivery. KpopAgent uses DHL’s air freight to deliver albums quickly within 3-5 business days. You can receive NEWLY RELEASED albums faster than others.

KpopAgent understands the difficulties of the retail partners and is always trying to come up with various ways to support our retail partners. Become our partner and run a successful K-pop retail business.

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