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Promotion cannot be emphasized too much in every field. Especially given that the age group of the majority who buy K-Pop items are young, attracting customers through various promotions such as events in social media or free giveaways is more efficient for stores’ revenue.

Since KpopAgent’s first goal is to grow together with our retail partners, we wholeheartedly understand the difficulties of our retail partners. To overcome the obstacles together, we offer some spare posters, items collaborated with celebrities, and other merchandise even including Korean traditional items at no charge at our discretion.

In addition, we hold fan signing events with our retail partners. Last December we held a fan signing event with Alexa who won the audition of “Rising Legends : Season 2” in America. In this event, we offered video calls, signed albums and photo cards which were distributed only through this event. Since it was conducted without any minimum guarantee, many of our retail partners have participated and were satisfied.

Also, here are some promotional events that our retail partners can hold with KpopAgent.
Retail partners can hold events giving out free posters, extra photo cards, stickers for each purchase. Those additional items can attract potential customers more effectively.

To make the first-coming customers regular customers, retail partners can provide additional gifts for the 10th or 20th purchase for each customer. It is very important to have customers on a regular basis.
Fan signing events could be the most expeditious way to boost your sales in a short period of time. Retail partners can draw the attention of K-Pop fans who want to have an opportunity to meet their celebrity and have signed albums.

If you are still hesitating about starting a K-Pop retail business, just join KpopAgent and be our retail partner! We will be your biggest support and are always willing to help you to grow.

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