Shipping Method, Shipping Schdule

We understand that our partners may feel burdened by international shipping costs. Therefore, we strive to provide our partners with ways to reduce shipping fee.


The first option is to align the shipping schedule on a single date. When you make an order, you can set different shipping schedules to receive your items quickly on the dates they are released.
If you aligned the shipping schedule on a single date, you can save on shipping costs compared to sending shipments on different dates.


The other option is to choose the cheapest shipping method. We offer three shipping options : DHL, FedEx Priority, and FedEx Economy.
The estimated delivery period is as follows:
- DHL Shipping : 3 ~ 7 Business Days
- FedEx (Priority) Shipping : 3 ~ 7 Business Days
- FedEx (Economy) Shipping : 5 ~ 10 Business Days

If you click the different options under the shipping method menu, you can see the shipping cost changes depends on the shipping method.
Select the appropriate shipping method by considering the shipping cost and delivery period.

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