How to Make an Order on KpopAgent?

If your are first visiting the KpopAgent website, here is the guide to help you with the order process.

Sign Up

First, click the "Sign Up" button on the top right corner.
Enter your details, email address, password, and country in the "Create an account" section.
Once you have registered, you need to verify your email address by sending a verification code at the profile management.
Enter the verification code to complete the sign-up process.


Placing an Order

After the sign-up process, click the "Wholesale" tab on the top left corner to see all the items available on the KpopAgent website.
To see pre-order items that are not released yet, you can find them on the "Pre-Orders" tab.
To see newly released items, you can find them on the "New Releases" tab.
To see products being sold at discounted prices, you can find them on the "Hot Deal" tab.
To see the most popular items on our website, you can find them on the "Best" tab.
By clicking on an item, you will be able to see more information with detailed images.
Enter your order quantity in the quantity section and click "Add to Cart."

* Since KpopAgent is a wholesaler, our minimum order quantity is 2 per item, adding up to 10 per order.


Shipping and Payment

Once you have added all the items you want to purchase to your cart, click the "Checkout" button.
Click "Shipping Address" and enter your name and country.
Search for your zip code to fill in your address. The city and state will be automatically filled in.
Enter your street address and phone number below.
If your address is not found with your zip code, please change the Zip Code to City and search again.

Next, let’s set the Shipping Schedule.
You can set different shipping schedules to receive your items quickly on the dates they are released.
However, note that different shipping dates may result in increased shipping costs.
Setting all the Shipping Schedules to the same date will give you the most affordable shipping cost.
Then, select the Shipping Method. You can choose your shipping method among DHL, FedEx Economy, and FedEx Priority.

If you have any specific requests related to your order, please leave them in the Shipping Request section.
For example, you can request a specific version of an album.

For payment methods, we accept Bank Transfer, PayPal, and Payoneer.
If you choose PayPal, you can continue to proceed with the transaction right after the order page.
If you choose Bank Transfer or Payoneer, please make the transfer to the listed bank accounts below.

If you have any credit amounts available, you can use them under the "Using Credit" section.

After completing your order, you can check your order status under the "Order Status" tab.
If you have made your payment via Bank Transfer or Payoneer, the KpopAgent managers will update the Order Status after confirming your payment.

If you want a faster update to your order status, please send your proof of payment to

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