Product Sourcing Request

Do you want to buy K-pop goods that are not listed on KpopAgent?
Don't worry. We have a Sourcing Service to help you get your desired items. KpopAgent sources the merchandise at the request of retail partners, such as lightsticks, plush doll, etc.


KpopAgent provides this sourcing service at the prices indicated on respective websites without charging any additional commission. If you want to buy various merchandise through this service, simply click the "Sourcing Inquiry" button on the KpopAgent Website. 

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It's important to understand that this sourcing service is an additional option exclusively for our retail partners who also purchase albums from us. As a result, retail partners are responsible for the associated costs, and it's crucial to note that orders placed through this service cannot be refunded or canceled. Additionally, orders must include items other than sourced merchandise. Retail partners also have the responsibility for managing all sourcing procedures.

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