Who is the KpopAgent?

KpopAgent, we are Korea’s Leading Business Partner for International K-pop Retailers.
From sourcing albums to organizing promotional events, managing your business becomes even easier.
KpopAgent will be your partner to guide you and your K-pop retail business to success.


What we do for K-pop Retail Partners?


Album Wholesale Services

We strive to supply albums at the most affordable prices at lightning speed. You can reduce the burden of keeping inventory, as special delivery services (DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc) will deliver not only the latest albums, such as BTS, BLACKPINK and Stray Kids, but also older albums swiftly to your desired location.

* Since KpopAgent is a wholesaler, our minimum order quantity is 2 per item, adding up to 10 per order.

Merchandise Sourcing Services

 There are countless merchandises distributed in Korea. KpopAgent sources these merchandise to supply to retail partners. Send a request to KpopAgent along with the name and URL of the item. We will ship immediately via the fastest delivery service available.


Promotional Event Services

 KpopAgent provides various events that can attract K-pop fans to continuously visit our retail partners’ store. We have sponsored lucky draw events by preparing special items from Korea (such as BTS Lemona, stickers, socks) for customers visiting our retail partners' store. In addition, we have distributed freebies or held online fan signing event to our retail partners, so that they can promote their retail stores which made their business more prosperous.

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